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he expressed his wish in the letter that he hoped that he would come and visit china again.the captain gave the order that all the soldiers had to reach the village before dawn.every present agrees with him that he think it is impossible to finish the work by the end of this month.搞清楚哪个市主句哪个是从句,搞清楚主句里宾语和从句的关系,用that连接,ok



It worried her a bit _____ her hair was turning gray.2.I have no idea _____ we can do with these waste materials.3.____the doctor really doubts is____my mother will recover from the serious disease soon.4.It is hoped____nature will never be destroyed.5.____do you guess will give a talk on English tomorrow?6.-- I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. -- Is that ____ you had a few days off?7. Word came____I was wanted at the office.8.Do you know ____of them will be our new headmaster?9.The teacher didn’t tell me ____we were wrong.10. It’s generally considered unwise to give a child ____he or she wants.?B.单项选择It was true _____ Alice did surprised her mother.A. that B. what C. that, what D. what, that2. Does ____matter much ____he can’t come to the meeting.A. it, if B. that, if C. it, whether D. this, whether3.--What are you anxious about? -- ____A. How can we succeed B. Whether we can succeed C. When can we succeed D. That we can succeed 4.The reason ____the little actress has been such a success is ____she is both clever and hard-working.A. why, why B. why, that C. that, because D. for, because5. ____leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights. A. Who B. Whoever C. Anyone D. The person 6.I really don’t know _____I had this photo taken.A. where it was that B. it was that C. where it was D. it was why 7.? Dr. Black comes from either Oxford or Cambridge. I can’t remember ____.A. where B. there C. which D. that 8.--What do you think of China? --____different life is today from ____it used to be.A. How, what B. What, what C. How, that D. What, that 9.Give this to ____you think can do the work well. A. who B. whom C. whoever D. whomever 10.____troubles me is ____I can’t learn all these English idioms by heart. A. That, that B. What, what C. That, what D. What, that?答案A. 1. that 2. what 3. what, whether 4. that 5. who 6. why 7. that 8. which 9. where 10. whatever B. 1—5 CABBB 6—10 ACACD 练 习 二1.The fact ____ she works hard is well known to us all.   A.that B.what C.why D.which   2.The fact ____ he was successful proves his ability.   A.that B.what C.which D.why   3.The news ____ he was kidnapped surprised us greatly.   A.what B.that C.why D.when   4.His suggestion ____ the meeting be delayed was turned down.   A.which B.that C./D.it   5.I have no idea ____ he will start.   A.when B.that C.what D./   6.I've come from the government with a message ____ the meeting won't be held tomorrow.   A.if B.that C.whether D.which   7.The thought ____ he might fail in the exam worried him.   A.when B.which C.what D.that   8.The order ____ the prisoner be set free arrived too late.   A.which B.whether C.that D.what   9.The nurses are trying their best to reduce the patient's fear ____ he would die of the disease.   A.that B.as C.of which D.which   10.He often asked me the question ____ the work was worth doing.   A.whether B.where C.that D.when 1-5 AABBA 6-10 BDCAA



同位语句句起同位语作用般跟某些抽象名词(fact, news, idea, promise等)面用说明或解释前面名词 引导同位语句连词用thatthat同位语句起连接作用充任何省略① The fact that the earth is becoming warmer and warmer is clear.② The news that our team won the football game inspired all the fans.③ They introduced the idea that children could learn to read as babies.④ Tom made his teacher a promise that he would never be late again. 少数情况同位语句用连词whether连接代词whowhatwhich或连接副词whenwherewhyhow等引导① I have no idea whether it is safe to sail in this weather.② Have you got any idea who will take over now that the president has resigned?③ Here comes the question what we should do with so much e-waste.④ I have no idea when the general manger will come back.【操练】1. The fact has worried many scientists ______ the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years. (2009江西)A. what B. which C. that D. though2. News came from the school office ______ Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University. (2009四川)A. which B. what C. that D. where3. Tomorrow is Tom’s birthday. Have you got any idea ______ the party is to be held? (2008陕西)A. what B. which C. that D. where4. A warm thought suddenly struck me ______ I might buy a tie for my father’s birthday. A. if B. when C. that D. which5. Do you have any idea______ is actually going on outside the classroom?A. that B. what C. as D. which6. Along with the letter was her promise ______ she was free she would visit me this weekend.A. that B. if C. what if D. that if7. There remains a doubt among the public ______ the vaccine is safe enough for children. A. whether B. that C. what D. how8. The mother was filled with anxiety ______ her daughter might be disabled by the accident.A. whether B. that C. what D. which 9. Standing in the hall, Patty had an uneasy feeling ______ somebody was watching her. A. why B. whether C. that D. which10. The doctor tried to remove the mans fear______ his wife might die during the operation. A. when B. that C. whether D. what【参考答案】1-5 CCDCB 6-10DAACB 间关系作详解





  • 春兰空调故障代码-2-春兰空调故障代码


    2021-03-30 11:16:01 春兰空调故障为什么出现e2-春兰空调故障代码e2原因春兰空调是我们国家的著名品牌,但是如果突然空调出现故障的话,我们也应该要尽早去处理好。春兰空调故障代码e2原因是压缩机电流过载,出现这个问题,主要是因为春兰空调的压缩机电流异常所导致的,所以我建议大家应该要及时让专业的空调师傅来处理。春兰空调是口碑和销量都非常高的,并且质量和性能也都非常好,但偶尔也会有一些小故障,也会出现一些故障代码。春兰空调显示e2一般是指防冻保护。一般导致e2故障的原因有:过滤网被灰尘堵塞住了;也可能是蒸发器被灰尘覆盖住了;还可能是
  • 水电设计-水电设计师岗位职责


    2021-06-30 15:55:22 水电设计师岗位职责去百度文库,查看完整内容>内容来自用户:高尔夫小蒋主案部设计师岗位职责工作标志|岗位名称|设计师|岗位标号|所属部门|设计部|岗位定员|直属上级|设计部经理|直属下级|任职资格|1、建筑、环艺、室内设计等相关专业本科以上学历;|2、2年以上正规设计事务所或设计公司工作经验;|3、精通AUTOCAD、SketchUp软件,并同时熟练使用其它相关软件;|4、熟悉掌握施工
  • 电脑黑屏怎么处理-海尔电视出现黑屏怎么处理电脑显示无信号后黑屏


    2021-03-17 17:13:51 笔记本电脑黑屏怎么办笔记本电脑经常发生突然黑屏的情况怎么办-显示器黑屏的故障比较常见,经常表现为开机后显示器没有图像显示,但是已经听到主机正常启动时“嘀”的一声;或者是正在使用时,显示器突然黑屏;也有的是电脑正常启动,但是启动到某一步时出现黑屏。正因为显示器一旦黑屏,不能看到任何提示信息,也就无法进行相应的处理来解决问题,一般都比较头痛。故障原因分析与排除:一.显示器由于显示器自身的原因而不能正常工作造成的黑屏,如显示器的电源线有问题,电源插头接触不良(注意:两头都有可能),电源开关坏,显示器内部电路故障
  • 小品校园6人小品,6人小品剧本简短爆笑


    2021-04-04 20:34:32 6人小品不算纯原创,但是为了方便演出我后来又修改过。 挂科天王小伍上场:大众情人无虑无忧,狂追美眉不曾罢休,情场失利考场如何, 重修!重修!(摇头,校园搞笑就行不要长的但要六人以上谢谢 taichangle人物:皇后,魔镜,白雪公主,三个小矮人,王子。 旁白一名 第一场 旁白:很久很久以前,有一位艳丽的皇后,但在艳丽的背后却藏着一颗嫉妒的心,只要听说有人比她最低027元/天开通百度文库
  • 金星电视-智能电视好还是普通电视好曲面电视的优缺点


    2021-03-14 23:44:02 曲面电视的优缺点,曲面电视和平面电视的区别曲面电视跟平面电视的区别主要在意曲面电视的屏幕是有曲率的,有一定曲面的形态,而平面电视则没有。曲面电视有着很美的外观,因为它的外观是弧线的。而且因为曲面电视是曲面结构,所以说它的显示面积更大,哪怕空间有限,也有着很大的显示面积。这样大家也有着更广的观看视角,画面也更加逼真,因此我们人眼的视觉体验是很好的。现在电视的类型也是越来越多,大家对于曲面电视也是比较关心。曲面电视的优点非常多,首先是曲面电视的造型非常优美,带着优美的弧线。而且曲面电视的分辨率也是比较高的,可
  • 办公桌风水布局-怎么安装铝合金办公桌呢


    2021-03-31 03:54:25 请问办公桌风水摆设有什么风水忌讳一个公司的好与差,肯定与这个公司的风水脱不开任何关系的。首先,我认为办公桌不可以放在大梁底下,这样会使办公者有着一定的压迫感,办公起来不在状态,工作也不不利的,其次就是办公桌旁必须要十分的宽敞,这样能让办公者的思路变得相当的敏捷,想象能力也得以扩充。这些都是我个人的观点,希望我的这些回答对你有所帮助。请问办公桌风水摆设什么东西好-在办公桌风水摆放中,物品的摆放位置是很重要的。1、电脑适合适合摆放在左侧方位上,右侧适宜摆放和工作有关的物品,例如:文件档、书籍,都必须摆放整齐,
  • 家用跑步机质量排名-家用跑步机如何选家用跑步机选购指南


    2021-03-26 16:21:22 家用跑步机尺寸是多少,家用跑步机如何选现在的人都比较注重自己的身体健康,为了锻炼身体都会去选择家用跑步机,有的家用跑步机以后,我们就可以随时的去进行运动了,家用跑步机的尺寸大概是在508毫米×1024毫米,大家在选择家用跑步机的时候,除了要考虑一下家用跑步机的尺寸,大家也要考虑一下家用跑步机的资料。家用跑步机是很多朋友都很喜爱的产品,因为家用跑步机可以让我们在家中也得到锻炼。家用跑步机尺寸是1690x860x1350,家用跑步机在选购的时候大家一定要注意品牌,因为大品牌的家用跑步机会有更好的质量保证。而且
  • 玻璃管-玻璃管霓虹灯安装时需要注意些什么


    2021-03-27 19:05:15 玻璃管霓虹灯安装时需要注意些什么好安装吗霓虹灯有着非常不错的装饰功能,所以我们在安装的时候有很多问题都要特别注意的。玻璃管霓虹灯安装时需要注意的问题比较多,首先大家应该要注意电源线的布局,大家都应该要尽可能把电源线跟着墙壁角落来进行布局,而且一定要选择优质的电源线。玻璃管霓虹灯还是非常好安装的,当然大家还是应该要交给专业人士来安装。在进行玻璃管霓虹灯安装的时候,大家首先需要确保霓虹灯的电源是属于断开的状态的,切记不能接通电源,不然容易发生事故;最后,在安装完成后,记得要把电源线接回去,然后进行测试。大家在
  • 净水器安装-净水器怎么安装


    2021-03-15 03:44:09 请问净水器怎么安装,净水器怎么安装知识现在市面上销售的净水器品牌有很多,在选择过程中,尽量选择比较知名的净水器品牌,避免日后再换过滤芯过程中找不到过滤芯进行更换,如果没有合适的过滤芯更换,就需要换净水器了。净水器在安装过程中都是由净水器品牌的售后部门免费上门安装的,如果是普通的净水器,不需要留有电源,如果是带反渗透技术的净水器需要使用电源。净水器安装现在越来越多的朋友都想购买净水器,对于净水器的安装很多朋友都不怎么熟悉。净水器的安装还是比较麻烦的,必须是使用砖墙的机器的,而且还要转进去才好的,不然的话是很
  • 故事童话365夜故事,一千零一夜故事全集


    2021-03-16 17:37:30 365夜故事知道其中有哪些故事。365夜故事 目录 老鼠游泳 龟兔赛跑 狐狸与仙鹤 谁的本领大 狐假虎威 小青蛙打老狼 青蛙搬家 机智的老山羊 老鼠偷油 狼和小羊 老鼠开会 长鼻子王子 老虎的宴会 乌鸦喝水 当你打开这本书时,你就被领入到了一个多姿多彩、奇妙变幻的故事王国中。这些故事,使你在一年三百六十五天的每一个夜晚,都拥有一片绚丽的云霞,一个美丽的梦。这个月我开始读《365夜故事》,里
  • 六一文艺汇演-六一文艺汇演,所有舞蹈和音乐都好看(修改病句)


    2021-05-09 17:28:01 六一文艺汇演,所有舞蹈和音乐都好看(修改病句)您好六一文艺汇演,所有舞蹈都好看,所有的音乐都动听!六一文艺汇演,所有舞蹈和音乐都很美妙!请及时东江希望小学将在5月30上午举行六一文艺演出活动向全体师生发出通知希望他们做好准备写一份通知急!哈哈图"class="ikqb_img_alink"我们幼儿园在明年举行大型六一文艺演出,主题园庆“感恩辉煌五周年”,领
  • 初中英语语法总结-初中英语语法总结


    2021-05-15 19:54:40 有没有初中英语语法总结(人教版)初中语法资料目前最好的就是奥风英语的中考语法三剑客,包括中考语法完全突破视频教程,记忆大纲和精编中考语法专项练习,学记练一体,配套完善,系统全面,直接针对中考。百度可以找到视频,不妨搜来看看。初中英语语法的固定搭配总结一.词汇⑴单词1.介词:in,on,under,behind,near,at,of1).in表示在…